For its concert season 2010-2011 all the Club's concerts will be held in Cairns Church, Buchanan Street, Milngavie (shown above).

To get there:

By car There is limited parking at the Church, more in Buchanan Street (please avoid driveways) and at the Town Hall. There is a vast excess in evenings at the Railway station. For SatNav users, the postcode of the church is G62 8AW. Please note that entering this code into Google maps identifies a building named "Cairns Church" which is several hundred yards north of the (prominently steepled) Cairns Church.

By rail: The church is 5 minutes walk from Milngavie Station (ScotRail). There is a direct and reliable train service to Milngavie at 30 mins interval from Glasgow city centre (Central Station low level), or from Queen Street, changing at Partick.

Entry to Cairns Church: As shown by the arrow on the map, entry to Cairns Church is from Buchanan Street, through the modern hall attached to the north (uphill) side of the main building.